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Great visibility to your research starting from the abstract!

Abstracts for the 19th European Carabidologists Meeting will be published online in the journal ARPHA Conference Abstracts (ACA). It is a novel, open access, human- and machine-readable platform designed to assist conference organisers and participants in authoring, submission, peer review, editorial management, publication and dissemination of conference abstracts in any field of science, published with DOI in semantic HTML, XML and PDF formats.

Manuscripts intended for submission to ACA, should be written in the collaborative online ARPHA Writing Tool.

A new collection in the ACA online journal entitled "Carabids in extreme environments. 19th European Carabidologists Meeting" was created.

To write and submit a conference abstract to ACA, the authors need to:

- Log in at the journal’s website (ACA).

- Create a new Conference abstract manuscript via the ARPHA Writing Tool by clicking the "Start a Conference Abstract" button on the journal’s homepage.

- Fill in the mandatory metadata along with the text of the abstract. In the field "Presented at" remember to write "19thECM oral communication" or "19thECM poster".

- Assign their manuscript to the collection "Carabids in extreme environments. 19th European Carabidologists Meeting" by clicking on the Collections-button located in the very top icon-menu.

- Pass the validation ("validate" button down left in the page; i.e. automated check for empty mandatory fields).

- Have their conference abstract accepted for a particular collection from the respective editor (this may take several iterations depending on the collection editor’s comments and subsequent decision)

- Submit their conference abstract for publication to the journal.

! At least one author must be registered to have the accepted abstracts published

Here is a link with more detailed instructions for the authors:

The published articles within this collection will be visible at: